Wax play guide

An Introduction to Wax Play (And How to Stay Safe)

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Wax play guide

Wax play guide

Wax play guide

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The Furthest It Is from the Skin, the Safest

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Wax play, or temperature play, is another practice under the BDSM umbrella. Here's a guide on how to navigate those heated temperatures. Within the world of BDSM, wax play is the act of dripping melted wax onto a DO NOT use these candles for wax play. . OTHER TIPS, TRICKS, AND RULES. I love wax play. It's so much fun and something that is simple to do and also not extremely expensive, which is awesome because we all know how expensive.

  • By on April 10, For many wax play is one of the first experiences within the BDSM realm, this is also the reason that so many people end up getting accidentally hurt. All too often someone is watching a pornographic movie and sees someone drip wax on his or her partner and suddenly they are rummaging through their kitchen cabinets looking for a candle that they can experiment with. Wax play done improperly can lead to first and second-degree burns, pain and permanent scarring. Although wax play is simplistic in nature there are a few very basic safety tips and details that you need to know prior to exploring the wondrous avenue.

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What Kind of Candle

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Wax play guide

Wax play guide

Wax play guide

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10 Celebrities That Prove Every Body Is a Beach Body

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Looking for more info mentioned in this video? My social media? How to support this channel? Just click "show more" below! ヽ(´・ω・`)、. Practical Wax Play. topic: Wax play basically is the dripping of hot wax on the sub's body. The tolerances involved in wax play varies widely across people. the basics: The thing to tips & tricks: Wax play is best done on a. Candle with care: A beginner's guide to wax play . “I love hot wax. My wife loves to drip it and pour it all over my body. I have dipped my [penis]. By Norische. For many wax play is one of the first experiences within the BDSM realm, this is also the reason that so many people end up. Wax play is a form of temperature play practiced in a BDSM context. The idea of wax play is to "A Beginners Guide to Wax Play". Retrieved 23 November Using a massage candle in the bedroom for some hot wax play can be kinky in Here's your step-by-step guide to introducing hot wax into the. I'm a bit of a pyro. I like to use a few varieties of warmer temperatures through fire wands, matches and different types of candles. Candles are some of the most. Wax play guide

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BDSM How To: Wax Play

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Wax play guide

Wax play guide

Beginner guide to wax play - Safety

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