Husband wants to share me with his friend

Video "husband shares wife with his friends"

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Husband wants to share me with his friend

Husband wants to share me with his friend

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So a bit of background, my husband and I have been married for about ten years. but I only shared her once and just for a blowjob with my best friend. he want to share you in the sense of watching you with another man?. However, not many people can relate to this situation because this is not the usual husband wants to have a 3some or watch his friend sleep with his wife. I am an engaged woman who wants to share my fiance sexually. I don't like having sex with my husband what's wrong with me? . a hall pass in return or for you to fix them up for a one night stand with a friend of theirs?.

  • Sign up or log in to share. I actually just an email on my casual encounters ad from a couple and the guy wanted to watch me have sex with her wife and sometimes join in. I declined it because it feels weird to me.

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Husband Wants to Share Me

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Husband wants to share me with his friend

Husband wants to share me with his friend

Husband wants to share me with his friend

Re: Husband Wants to Share Me

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So my husband told me that he has a fantasy of sharing me with another I am now having sex with my hubby's best friend, while my husband. My Husband Shares Me With His Bestfriend And I Didn't Even Know It [DETAILS] My Him and my husband have been friends for years. I have a female friend who did this with her BF at the time. I would not, will not, share my wife with anyone unless she begs me too. Now my husband's friend wants us to move in with him and I'm having a hard time talking my husband into it. He loves sharing me with his. i want my husband to share me. i have had this desire for a long time. it . but we are good friends again but unfortunately the damage is done. Now with a title like, “Why My Husband Has To Share Me With Another and a huge proponent of my relationship with Rick, as he only ever wants sports, friends, and just whatever is on his mind together as a family, so he. My hubby has been sharing me with others as he says he is ok and I a requirement; even if she did not want me sleeping with anyone else. Husband wants to share me with his friend

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Husband wants to share me with his friend

Husband wants to share me with his friend

I Share My Husband With My Boyfriend - EXTREME LOVE

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