Exotic weapon master

General Prestige Class : Exotic Weapon Master

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Exotic weapon master

Exotic weapon master

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Exotic Weapons Master

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Exotic Weapon Master. Characters of any race or background can become exotic weapon masters; the only real requirement is commitment. Partial Exotic Proficiency: At 1st level, the exotic weapon master can use any exotic weapon with which she is not already proficient at a —2 penalty instead of a. Realms Helps Exotic Weapon Master Prestige Class.

  • This is a general Prestige class that may be applicable to the Forgotten Realms Campaign. Swords and axes do not a warrior make. For the exotic weapon master, the intricacies of the shuriken, the siangham, the dire flail, and the hand cross-bow pose no difficulty at all. These unusual weapons are her trade, and in her hands, they become instruments of destruction. Characters of any race or background can become exotic weapon masters; the only real requirement is commitment and perseverance. To qualify to become an Exotic Weapon Master, a character must fulfill all the following criteria:.

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Exotic weapon master

Exotic weapon master

Exotic weapon master

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What's the point of Exotic Weapon Master?

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The exotic weapon master's come at a price. Here are a few things to consider when thinking about playing an exotic weapon. Outside of Complete Scoundrel (14) and Sharn: City of Towers (), the prestige class exotic weapon master is unmentioned beyond its. Exotic Weapon Master. This feat requires the use of the Exotic Weapons Rules by the Dungeon Master. Check with your DM to ensure such rules are allowed. I can't see the book at the moment (it's not mine) and I don't remember if the " stunts" work with all the exotic weapons the PC is proficient, or if. 1) The exotic WM was in Masters of the Wild, not Sword and Fist. 2) What flavour? The exotic WM has no flavour to speak of. It's just a way of. Exotic Weapon Master You have mastered a weapon most people have never even heard of. It may be a weapon from a far-off land, a weapon. The DM frowns on excessive dipping and sourcebook use though, so I'd like to complete exotic weapon master if possible, because that would. Exotic weapon master

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Complete Warrior's Exotic Weapons Master

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Exotic weapon master

Exotic weapon master

Exotic Weapon Master

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